“As I have always found it most important for every interpreter to gather the necessary information on the music to be played, I have written forewords to the majority of my scores. They seek to guide potential performers in their interpretation of the music by conveying intentions, details, noteworthy facts and other beneficial information. These texts may also be useful starting points for program notes”.

On this website a selection of forewords (pdf) are presented in condensed form.

Scores in handwriting

Raymond Schroyens always applied the utmost calligraphic care in his handwritten music so as to guarantee legibility, clarity and accessibility. For sample pages, see Manuscripts page.

Scores not yet available in printed form may be obtained in manuscript version. Please see the contact page on how to order.

Composition Selections

Recent Publications

Euprint have just brought out a new publication which had been in preparation: “Diligo Dominum [Psalm 116]”, a composition from 2011. It will be added to their website soon.

For information on how to obtain scores, please see contact page.