“As I have always found (and still find) it most important for every interpreter to gather the necessary information on the music to be played, I started to write down an introductory section to practically every score I gave free. This offered me the opportunity to get in touch with the performing artists without meeting them personally , giving them noteworthy facts, details, intentions and other valuable information which could benefit the music interpretation. My text could also be a helpful companion in composing the program notes. Unfortunately, these introductions very seldom get taken up in the published version of my scores”.

Here on the website, you can find severely edited versions of some forewords (pdf) to give you a little background.

Scores in handwriting

“As my skills on the computer are rather limited, most of my scores are not available in printed form. Therefore, I have taken the utmost care in applying my abilities as a calligrapher, so as to attain the highest degree of legibility and clarity for the performers. “Written with love” is indeed one of the most precious landmarks in rendering a new score (and its music!) approachable and acceptable (see Manuscripts page).