Birthday Presents and Thank you "Notes"

2018 has been a succession of celebrations for achieving the respectable age of 85. Beginning with two Belgian publishers and one German, it has been a fairly continuous procession of putting Raymond's manuscripts into a beautiful engraved form.  Belgium’s longtime master in publishing, Euprint Editions of Heverlee, has taken the lion’s share of choral works on Flemish texts. Luytt Music Editions of Flobecq (Vloesberg), a relative newcomer to Belgium’s publishing business, has spread its choice over Raymond’s music: instrumental, equal voices, and mixed choir. Editions Ferrimontana of Ober-Mörlen has chosen for vocal works on German, French, or English texts and even ventured into vocalizing on vowels. You will see the changes from manuscript to published in the lists of compositions on this website.
For the good working relationship with all of these publishing houses, Raymond says: THANK YOU.

New CD and book have been released

2018 is not finished yet, and two other presents are off the press: a Book and a Compact Disk.

Music my fair mistressRaymond  Schroyens Mechelaar, Musicus, Componist

Daughter Ann Kathleen Schroyens is the originator and author of the book  Raymond Schroyens Mechelaar, Musicus, Componist which was presented in November.

As the title suggests, the changes in Raymond’s life coincide with historical events in Mechelen and result in changes in his style of composition. One chapter, written by son Daniel, analyzes works from these different periods.

Daniel Schroyens and his wife Ann De Renais are both organizers of and performers on the CD, together with London Voices. The choice of works gives an overview of Raymond’s Instrumental, Art Song, and Mixed Choir compositions. It was released at the same time as the book.

Both of these would make excellent Christmas or New Year’s presents. Information on ordering these items can be had by sending an email to


Raymond Schroyens mainly composes choral music, but also instrumental solo pieces, chamber music and combinations of both. His transatlantic career has included time spent not only as a composer and performer but also as a producer and director of music programmes for television and radio. He continued to teach throughout his career, taking on the role of Professor of Harpsichord at the Royal Conservatory of Music, Brussels as well as being a member of the Board of Trustees and Musical Advisor for the Festival of Flanders, Mechelen.
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Vocal music caught his attention at the age of nine when he was a boy soprano in the Mechelen Cathedral Choir, one of the 270 choristers. He started to compose at an early age, his first serious work dating from 1953. Ever since, the list of vocal compositions has grown steadily outnumbering his instrumental output. Prominent compositions since then are: Pentalpha – Les Muses Gaillardes - Crépuscule – Songs at midnight – Eleusis –Lied to the sun – In Vigiliam – Emed – Winter Rituals – Vocalises – Beobachtung 2000 – Beyond the Dream - Before Sundown.
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